You can now send InMail stages in addition to an email stages in your Sequences. To get started, select "InMail" from the stage dropdown:

You can even mix InMail and Email stages in the same sequence. We'll send both the InMail and Email stages at the times you specify. Don't worry about getting a response from a candidate in InMail and having to stop email followups — we'll ask you to confirm that the people in the Sequence haven't replied over InMail before sending email followups.

Kick off an InMail sequence just like any other:

We'll let you know over email and in ZenSourcer when it's time for you to send the next InMail stage:

This is a brand-new feature, so we'd love your feedback on it. Feel free to chat us or send us an email at with any feedback.

Sending InMail + Email Concurrently

If you schedule an InMail stage and then an Email stage right after to go out sometime in the past (e.g. 0 days later at 12:01am), ZenSourcer will skip the review process for the Email stage, so it goes out automatically.

We'll work to simplify this workflow soon, but this is a workaround for people that want to send InMail + Email at the same time.

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