Once a contact or lead is added to Salesforce, you can easily log emails sent via ZenSourcer to Salesforce and associate them with that person. Simply use the "My Email to Salesforce" feature.

First, find your "My Email to Salesforce" by clicking your name, and accessing your Settings from Salesforce:

Then, on the left rail, choose "Email" and then "My Email to Salesforce" and copy your Email to Salesforce address:

Then, while logged-in, navigate to www.zensourcer.com and access your settings and paste your Email to Salesforce in the BCC: field:

Any Sequences your create moving forward will now default to BCCing to Salesforce. 

For Sequences you have already created, you can edit them to set the default to Bcc to Salesforce.

Reach out to support@zensourcer.com with any additional questions.

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