ZenSourcer needs read, send, and delete access to your inbox:

  • ZenSourcer needs send access because it sends email as you from your Gmail inbox. This means your messages look exactly like they were sent from your Gmail inbox and show up in your Sent Mail folder.
  • ZenSourcer needs read access to your inbox so it can stop automated followups in your sequences.
  • ZenSourcer needs delete access to track opens using our tracking pixel (for more information, see here). Due to technical reasons, delete access is necessary to ensure that opens aren't counted when you as the sender open the email.

Does ZenSourcer read or store all of my emails?
ZenSourcer needs to read each email once to know if a candidate responded to a ZenSourcer sequence in order to stop automated followups. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn't allow ZenSourcer to only read messages that were in response to a specific ZenSourcer thread, so we have to process each email.

ZenSourcer stores to/from email addresses and timestamps for emails in your inbox to power our feature that ensures your team doesn't reach out to the same person twice.

ZenSourcer doesn't store the contents of any emails in your inbox except for emails you send in ZenSourcer through sequences.

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