This article covers Best Practices for managing and messaging Prospects in ZenSourcer.

Best Practices

1. Add every Prospect you source on LinkedIn to ZenSourcer.

  • Do this immediately when you view them on LinkedIn.

2. Reach out via Inmail Sequences, Email Sequences, or Manually Log a Touchpoint for the candidate in ZenSourcer.

  • That way there is a record of every touchpoint in ZenSourcer.
  • You can log touchpoints in bulk or as one-offs for Prospects right from our 'Projects' tab in ZenSourcer.

3. Once a Prospect responds positively, upload them to Greenhouse as a Candidate.

  • You can do this immediately when you receive a positive response in Gmail by Uploading to Greenhouse right from our extension.
  • When uploading as a candidate, associate them to a Job and pick an Application stage to put the Candidate into in process.

Have questions on managing prospects in ZenSourcer? Feel free to reach out to the ZenSourcer team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the ZenSourcer home page.

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